Steal Data From Faraday Cage Air-Gapped Computers !

A group of security researchers has published research that they can steal data not just from an air gap computer but also from a computer inside a Faraday cage, which is an enclosure used to block electromagnetic fields such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and other wireless communications.
The researchers have developed two techniques that helped them exfiltrate data from computers placed inside a Faraday cage Dubbed MAGNETO and ODINI.

The MAGNETO attack is a short distance which the Android app is installed on the attacker's smartphone can receive stolen data with the help of the phone's magnetometer. ODINI attack enables attackers to capture electromagnetic signals from a longer range using a dedicated magnetic sensor.

The Proof of Concept malware electrically generates a pattern of magnetic field frequencies by regulating CPU's workload, which can be achieved by overloading the CPU with calculations that increase power consumption and generate a stronger magnetic field.

These electromagnetic emissions from the infected computer are powerful enough to carry a little stream of stolen data to a nearby device, a receiver planted by the hacker.
The process involves translating data first into binary, 0 and 1, and transmitting it into morse-code-like patterns in accordance with electromagnetic emission.

According to the researchers, once a computer has been infected, hackers can exfiltrate stolen data easily!

MAGNETO and ODINI attacks PoC


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