Rogue Access Points, a threat to the network

Experiencing bad connectivity in the wireless network is a bad thing, one may try to fix this issue by installing a new access point in the office however by doing this you might just end up making things worse.

A Rogue Access Point (Rogue AP) is a wireless access point installed on a wired enterprise network without authorization from the network administrator.

It can pose a real threat to network security because such a device might be poorly configured with low-security properties.
Rogue AP can be a naive person act or a malicious way to try and penetrate the network security 

Prevention and detection of rogue AP :
One way to detect and prevent the rogue AP is to use wireless intrusion prevention systems in order to monitor the radio spectrum and find any unauthorized AP 

In order to detect rogue access points, two conditions need to be tested:
  • whether or not the access point is in the managed access point list.
  • whether or not it is connected to the secure network.

The first rule is fairly easy to test - compare wireless MAC address (also called as BSSID) of the access point against the managed access point BSSID list. 

while the first rule is easy to test, the second rule will give you a headache, that's because you will have to go throw and test different network components. 

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