Security Automation & Orchestration: Reducing the Response Time

With the continuous evolution of hacking techniques and the rise "Rapid Targeted Attack" numbers, security and incident handling  teams are having less time to analyze, discover and handle incidents to solve the issues and limit the impact of various attacks.

In the world of information security the speed and time are too important; because one second could mean you are in a good situation and the other could mean you have been compromised. To gain this time and reduce attack impact, security teams are moving towards automation and orchestration of security and incident response actions.

What is automation and Orchestration?
”Automation” means that security tasks are done automatically through a machine-based security application instead of doing it manually, while the “Orchestration” is simply the integration of security devices and application in the organization. Together they form the coordination of automated security tasks across the whole security devices and applications.

After defining the Security Automation and Orchestration we need to dig deeper in the meaning of both automation and orchestration and understand why do we need them?
  • Security Automation and Orchestration automates simple tasks and prioritizes critical events.
  • Security Automation and Orchestration makes it easier to proactively hunt threats.
  • Security Automation and Orchestration streamlines security teams, tools, processes, and threat intelligence for faster and more efficient actions.
What are the features gained from using Security Automation and Orchestration?
  • Almost any cybersecurity task can be automated and more efficient workflows can be done.
  • Saving time and reducing costs by automating tasks.
  • Security team can have more time to perform advanced investigations and evaluation for the current situation or even consider doing future plans.
  • Better case management and collaboration between team members since every thing is centralized.


Security analysis and incident handling are both time and effort consuming tasks, using security automation and orchestration is a good way to save that time and effort so that security team can build new strategies and think about the organization’s security future.

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